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Think Stothard Ltd./The Stothard Group

Contact: Tom Stothard 


Title: Managing Director              


Primary Phone Number: +0044 116 2300080                                          


General Email:                            



75 Leicester Road            


Leicestershire, LE12 7AJ               

United Kingdom


Think Stothard provide instruments that duplicate how our eyes see colour and appearance. They measure your product's colour and overall appearance and give numerical values that correlate to what you see. These objective measurements optimise the confidence of your quality decisions. Think Stothard has expertise, experience and a range of quality manufactures and solutions to ensure that you have the right instrument and solution for your application.


We start by working and evaluating your product's application and then will specify the target colour and appearance of your products. Once this has been completed we will assign acceptance levels to ensure our instrumentation knows what a pass and fail is with quite a degree of accuracy. We will then find a suitable solution and instrument, whether it be a portable instrument for measuring raw materials, a bench top instrument that will be based in a laboratory or an online instrument that is built into your production line. We are available to create custom made product holders that will enable the most difficult and non-uniform products to be easily measured.


We supply Hunterlab Colour & Appearance instruments that were designed and created by Richard Hunter, the founder of the LAB colour scale some 60 years ago for the Procter & Gamble company. As a brand they supply instruments that can measure quite complicated applications such as food, chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Textiles into over 30 countries worldwide and provide a unique aftercare service that has helped them maintain their position in the market today.


Our instruments include various options to enable organizations to conform to worldwide, set standards and data is made widely available with options to encrypt and protect confidential results.


If you require application knowledge, a robust, accurate product that will perform for many years with an after sales service that is guaranteed to keep you working into the future then you require a company that thinks about the application and not a one fit, fits all solution.