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OOO Ollen TekhnoLab

Contact: Dr. Olga Anisimova       


Title: Managing Director              


Primary Phone Number: +7-495-669-4416                              


Fax Number: +7-495-939-7365                     


Contact Email               





Kosygina, 4, 11, off. 220

119334 Moscow               



Company OOO ?Ollen TekhnoLab? was established in 2004 in Moscow but several of our employees have been working for HunterLab since 1994. At present, OOO "Ollen TekhnoLab" has six employees. We are engaged in the sale of laboratory equipment, aimed mainly at testing of materials and we are working for such companies as ATLAS MTT and SDL ATLAS as well. All key employees of our company are Ph.D., specialists in the field of photostabilization, photochemistry and spectroscopy, and in the testing of polymers, paints, textiles and other materials. The company regularly organizes two seminars: ?Fundamental of Weathering? and ?Theory and Practice of Color Measurements.?



HunterLab was founded in 1952 and manufacturers a full range of colormeasurement spectrophotometers that are used for research and quality control applications. Hunter color meters measure both reflected and transmitted color and quantify how color appears to the human eye. Their color measurement systems are used in a wide variety of industries including building materials, chemical, food, paint, paper, pharmaceutical, plastic, textile and many others. HunterLab is an employee-owned, ISO 9001:2000 certified company that is expert in colorimetry.